From our superior height, as Seniors, we are delighted to extend to you a few words of advice. we have surmounted all obstacles, we have climbed to the pinnacle of highschooldom, and could there be anything more glorious and satisfactory to school girls and boys than the position which we now occupy?

Juniors, do not rack your brains with too much study. Remember there will be other Senior classes when you are dead and gone. Never miss an opportunity to have a good time. Remember you can be young but once. Take a vigorous part in all athletic exercises. Remember that is why you are in high school, to develop your body and let your mind rest.

We also advise the rest of the students of the school to stay away from demerit slips.
We wish to advise Don Remley to take all precautions with his car. It may run away some day.

We ask Deane Maxson to improve his cooling system or to install a fire extinguisher in his car. Roads are too expensive to burn up.

We want to tell Don Smith to let his hair grow instead of getting butches all the time. Take precautions, Don, some day it may be just that short and scarce.

The Senior boys advise their underclassmen to stay away from shaving as long as possible. The Seniors have set a shining example all winter.

The Health and Safety class and the Economics class advises the Seniors of next year to get their term papers written before the next week of school. Take it from those who have had experience.

The girls advise the under classmates to beware of the magnetic charms of Lynn Ryggs. He sure can fool you.

To Louis Ecker, we would like to say that he had better work harder for a livelihood than he does in the assembly or he may find himself looking for a different job.

We advise Norman Klinedinst to stop making love in English class.

We want the basketball boys of the next year to keep up their good work and stick to the training rules so they will win all of the games they play.

We advise Paul Swanson to start getting in earlier so he won't be greeted by the crowing rooster.

We advise Lela Mae Johnson to keep up her good work during the coming year.

We advise David Eiler to start eating spinach; you may be a man yet David.

Ruth Vollrath should go to Hollywood and play roles in love scenes. Be sure to use kiss proof lipstick.

The band members should keep up their good work. Keep blowing, kids.

We advise Glen Chandler to quit growing. Virginia is beginning to complain .