The garage from color transparency processed Nov. 1973.


Steve Kennedy If I remember right Pastor Dester Cummings family was from Tyner.

Barb Cole They came to Blissville and lived in Tyner for several years.

Kristine Anderson Franks garage

Kirk A. Gaw Awesome historic photo! I remember stopping there with my Mom to get gas. Got the full service treatment. They checked the oil, swept the car rugs, filled the wiper fluid.

Kristine Anderson Love seeing the Tyner pictures. It was a nice place to raise my son

Kathy Hagenbush Kern Frank’s Garage. My dad spent a lot of time down there.

Jack Stoner Does anyone know why the church not far from this garage quit being used?

Kristine Anderson Jack Stoner A long long time. Not sure of the exact date but I do know that my great great grandmother was a preacher there when my mom was a young girl. It was never used as a church when I live there and that’s been over forty years now

Cathy Williams Jack Stoner not enough people to continue. They went to Plymouth and joined that church.

Jack Stoner Kristine Anderson I know sometime in the 70s my family attended that church

Kristine Anderson Jack Stoner yes. Thinking back there was a short time there was an attendants there but I don’t remember it lasting to long

Jack Stoner Kristine Anderson ok

Kristine AndersonJack Stoner Also think it was just someone’s house for awhile

Jack Stoner Right. I moved from the area in 1986 and never came through that town for a while and was surprised when I seen it was abandoned

Barb Cole Kristine Anderson The church was not used as a residence. There was a parsonage next to the church. People still live ther. The old church is falling apart as we speak.

Jack Stoner Barb Cole yeah and it is a shame.

Kristine Anderson Barb Cole Any one know who owns it. Just curious...

Paula Skorup Another reason to smile, thank you for sharing

Sandy Wallace Very nice!!

Shira Sheaks I've actually dreamt about this gas station! Don't you pass it on the way to Walkerton?

Noral Baughman From downtown Tyner you would pass it if you were going to Plymouth. Going in the opposite direction from downtown would take you to Koontz lake or U.S. 6 and to Walkerton.

This was the original garage in Tyner before it burned down. Some of the local 'characters'. Back row, L-R; Ed Wilcox, Lafe Morris, Alfred Huffman, Glen Webb, Russell Baughman, Ed Ash. Front, L-R; (?) Wingett, Ray Harbaugh, William Baughman, Tom Stiles. Date Unknown.


Kirk A. Gaw That garage was known throughout! Quite an important history with the early automobile.

Michele Baughman Hill Kirk A. Gaw my great grandfather Bill Baughman 😀

Noral Baughman Michele Baughman Hill I'm sorry, but I'm losing track; who was your dad?

Michele Baughman Hill Noral Baughman , (my dad is Lanny Baughman, son of Eugene and Pauline Baughman. Dad takes me around Tyner and tells me what buildings used to be there. Ha talks about that garage that you have a picture of, and the pickle factory and tyner high school. It's really nice. I love learning about Tyner. I didn't grow up around here but I live here now. I used to live out near you. My hubby was in the Navy for 14 years most of which was spent in Washington

Kirk A. Gaw Michele Baughman Hill neat history.

Ann Lynn LeHue I’ve never seen this photo. So glad you have it and shared it Noral. Hard to believe. Don’t remember grandpa Wm. (Bill) Baughman looking so young. What year might this have been?

Michele Baughman Hill Ann Lynn LeHue it's so cool seeing these pix from Noral!

Kathy Hagenbush Kern Great photo. I grew up in Tyner. My grandpa is Ray Jacobson.

Noral Baughman Ray and Vi were our next door neighbors. :-)

Barb Cole Kathy I forgot to mention your grandpa who repaired and sold mowers in Tyner when we first moved in. He and your grandma had a cool playhouse building where the kids loved to play and a nice side yard where they played too. Such a good place for kids to grow up and be able to be safe.

Curtiss Cole I played there alot.. Red Rover.. The rubber ball over the playhouse

Kathy Hagenbush Kern Curtiss Cole I think we called it Andy, Andy Over, or something like that. Lots of good times at my grandma and grandpas.

Curtiss Cole Kathy Hagenbush Kern that could be right.. Had lots of fun.. Drinking from the hose!

Noral Baughman Barb Cole As I recall before he was repairing lawnmowers, he was driving a Marathon Oil Truck.

Barb Cole Noral Baughman Before my time in Tyner. I moved there in 1968. Ray lived across the street from my sister-in-law and her husband Grace and Delbert Stutzman. Her husband ditched for farmers all over putting in drainage tiles. They lived next to Bob and Melba Reese and on the other side was Norma and Marvin Klingerman. And your family was next to Reese's on the other side. Love Tyner and love all the stories people tell about it and hope it stays here for a lot of years!

Teri Showalter Wonderful photo.

Cindy Burch Ronald Burch

Donna Ross Tim Kazanecki

Tim Kazanecki Donna Ross if we are dating this picture it was before 1930 per William Baughman the new garage was built then after a fire took this building which was owned by Glenn Stull

Noral Baughman Tim Kazanecki Somewhere I have a copy of a newspaper article about the fire that I found online. It should give the date of the actual fire when/if I find it.

Tim Kazanecki Donna Ross I hope you find it. I am trying to remember what your uncle William told me years ago.

Paula Skorup Thank you for another picture grandpa Bill was very young there Ann Lynn, I use to hang around the garage being the Tom boy I was lol

Marsha Cogle Glenn Webb was my Uncle. I am questioning Tom Stiles, my Gma was a Stiles and I think there was a Thomas

Noral Baughman Glenn Webb was your uncle? How so. Who are your parents because we are probably related.

Marsha Cogle Pauline and Ed Klopfenstein

Marsha Cogle Glenn married my Dad's aunt Rose . They raised pigs

Sharon Halsey Where was this garage at!

Noral Baughman To the best of my knowledge it was just across the street from the current garage.

Rob Haney Across the road from the old grain elevator.

Kirk A. Gaw Noral Baughman I thought that is the current garage before it was remodeled? Wasn't there a fire? And was rebuilt with brick?

Noral Baughman Kirk A. Gaw The garage in the photo was across the street from the 'new' brick garage which replaced this one when it burned.

Kirk A. Gaw Noral Baughman ok. Understand. Got it.

Jesse Williams Where was this located?

Kirk A. Gaw Jesse Williams the garage is still there!

Noral Baughman This was across the street from the current garage. At least that is what I have always heard.

Kirk A. Gaw Noral Baughman ok. Got it.

Another photo of the original garage. William Baughman on the right. Possibly Al Huffman on the left???


Paula Skorup Thank you so much

Marjorie Ecker Which one of the Baughman brothers went by the name AB or Abby ?

Noral Baughman I It was my dad, Russell. Have no idea where that came from or how one would spell it. :-)

Marjorie Ecker I just know that is what my Dad always called him..

Rob Haney When I was a kid in Tyner that was Franks garage.

Noral Baughman Rob Haney Yes, Frank bought it from my dad, I think. I say "I think" because I think my Uncle Bill owned it and then he retired and my dad carried on with my brother working there as well. I'm assuming my dad bought it from my uncle.

Marjorie Ecker Yes Frank ( Porkey ) Haag . They were are neighbors and friends . A very nice man .. Refresh my memory Elmer , the dad, Russell was a brother, more I am sure.

Noral Baughman Marjorie Ecker There were a lot of Haags and I never was able to keep track. :-)

Marjorie Ecker Noral Baughman yes there were.

Kimberly R Betz Noral Baughman my Great-great grandma was Amanda Sheneman(Baughman), was William her dad?

Noral Baughman Kimberly R Betz Do you have any other names. Was Amanda's maiden name Sheneman or Baughman? Do you know who Amanda's husband was?

Kimberly R Betz Noral Baughman Amanda was a Baughman (maiden name) and married a Shenneman. My Mom is Shirley Whitmer, her parents are John and Donna Whitmer, Grandpa John’s dad was MD Whitmer and his mom was Grace Sheneman. 
Amanda Sheneman was a Baughman by birth and was Grace Sheneman’s mom. I don’t remember her husband’s name as he died before I was born. But I think Amanda Baughman’s dad was William.

Beth Goff-Santana Kimberly R Betz i think Amanda's dad was John Baughman. She was my great grandfather Ben Baughman's sister

Beth Goff-Santana I think William was their uncle

Noral Baughman Beth Goff-Santana Yes, that is what my information shows.

Beth Goff-Santana Noral Baughman my grandfather's cousin Harley Baughman came from the Tyner Baughman's but I'm not sure who is dad was.

Noral Baughman Beth Goff-Santana Henry and Mary Ann (Orndorff) had the following children (according to my records): Mathias, John, Obadiah (my grandfather), Rebecca, Jacob, William and Susannah. I'm also showing a Henry, but I don't think that is correct. Anyone who wants a copy of the above family of Henry and Mary Ann, message me with your email and I'll try and send you one.

Noral Baughman Beth Goff-Santana Harley's father was Nelson and they lived in Teegarden. Nelson was my uncle.

Kimberly R Betz Beth Goff-Santana ok, thanks!

Kirk A. Gaw Amazing history! 🤗

Evelyn Wilmeth What street is this?

Kirk A. Gaw Evelyn Wilmeth 2BE? DT Tyner

Evelyn Wilmeth Kirk A. Gaw oh.......😊

Teri Showalter Great picture.

Adrienne Preston Is this one across from the store or around the corner from the store

Noral Baughman This was the original garage which burned. It was across the street from the current garage.

Adrienne Preston Noral Baughman interesting ,I grew up in Tyner my dad was a Preston

Noral Baughman Adrienne Preston I think I remember a Joe Preston?

Adrienne Preston Noral Baughman Yes

Adrienne Preston My mom is on here Shannon Preston

The 'new' garage. My dad is on the left.


Aaron Dudeck Your dad was bill correct??

Noral Baughman No, Russell.

Lanny Baughman Spent a lot of time down there growing up 😏

Noral Baughman You and me both. I especially enjoyed the junk pile behind the garage where I could explore the inner working of things like ignition coils and model A horns. I also followed Barney around as he was lubricating all the autos that came in for routine maintenance. :-)

Joda Hoeffer I spent a lot of time there also. There were some rules to be followed and if you followed them it was fine. If not you were reminded. Glad I grew up in Tyner.

Arlen Holderread it would be nice if everyone that had pictures would could send him somewhere and we could get him at the community building in tyner

Noral Baughman Yes, but....I think it would be a good idea to have all the old photos scanned and then have prints made for display. Keep the originals in a safe, dark place. Displaying them in the open will cause them to fade over time. It's so easy to make good quality copies today and if the digital copies are available, anyone can copy and have prints made if they desire. I'm intending on send most of these photos to the Marshall County Historical Society when I get them all scanned.

Arlen Holderread Noral Baughman thank you it's good to see them old photos

Ken Rohrer What’s the location of this building?

Curtiss Cole Ken Rohrer it's in Tyner.. Just up the street from the Tyner Store at the 4 way.. It has some of the most complex Rafters in it you will ever see... I believe it's only 4 of them.. It's all free space inside no posts except on the outside where the blocks are doubled up to set the posts on.. It's a 2 layer board roof up top..

Ken Rohrer Curtiss Cole oh, this is what it looks like now, right?


Curtiss Cole Ken Rohrer thats correct.

Tim Kazanecki Ken Rohrer that is an older photo door on left now matches other one. That was installed before I got sick.

Ken Rohrer Tim Kazanecki were you in my high school art class?

Tim Kazanecki Ken Rohrer i graduated in 73 but i have been very ill and if you were i do not remember.

Ken Rohrer Tim Kazanecki I was thinking of someone else then.

Steve Kennedy Was that Hunkies?

Janice Clark Steve Kennedy I don’t think so. Hunke’s was in Walkerton near the corne of 23 and Tyler St.

Curtiss Cole Steve Kennedy Frank Haag owned it for a long time.. Then sold it to Tim Kazanecki. Who owns it now..

Maryann Haysley Janice Clarkon the curve by the rail road tracks . it was a Sinclair station.

Janice Clark Maryann Haysley yes, on the curve, I can’t say if it was a Sinclair station. I know they had tires there. Dad would go down and fix tires and I sometimes went too.

Steve Kennedy Janice Clark I remember Hunkie I always bought the Dean tires from him. He was a hard working man, he always looked tired..

Curtiss Cole Owns it now..

Carol Stull Foster Remember going there with my dad.

Kirk A. Gaw NicThe gas pumps and island were taken out by Frank when there was a deadline for tank leakage inspections years ago. I hav owned this property since 1992. There was a new metal roof installed last week

Dave Hamann Still have that buick sitting on the side.

Patty Reese Grace Who is the other guy?

Noral Baughman I wish I knew!

Teri Showalter Great photo!!!

Tim Kazanecki If anyone knows what happened to the tops of gas pumps please let me know. I have talen this picture to auto swap meets all over and no one has ever seen these.

Noral Baughman Do you have any idea of what brand it represents? It looks like a parrot to me and there was a Polly Gas company but it seems it was confined to California.

Tim Kazanecki No I have no idea the one on left sort of looks like the bird was attached to the globe or it was one piece

Tim Kazanecki The name is on the left globe under the parrot but these old eyes can not read it

Noral Baughman This is the one of the left and is about as good as I can do.


Noral Baughman This is the one on the right and it looks like the Phillips 66 logo.


Tim Kazanecki Yes it does

Tim Kazanecki Noral Baughman i’ll wager you are correct It was Phillips when Frank had it the petro products came from Walkerton Oil. I cannot remember the gentleman’s name who came out.

Tim Kazanecki When i was a young man and Frank was wotking nites at McCords i found a large banner above office that said see the ford v 8 for 1935 any knowledge about a ford dealership in this building. I seem to remember your uncle Bill telling me so. I hung this banner on the center rafter but when i bought the bldg. it was gone. There was a lot of ford manuels etc. up there too that your brother Joe and I needed any info. About the dealership

Noral Baughman I don't remember there ever being anything there except the garage. It may have been that my dad or Bill just liked Fords.

Tim Kazanecki I think they were dealers but no inventory you ordered the car but I only heard this once and that was a long long time ago. Almost positive I have this right the books from Ford would have been very difficult to get with factory part numbers I will search my items and photo some pages

Noral Baughman Tim Kazanecki You could very well be correct. Do you have any idea of what time period we are talking about?

Tim Kazanecki 1930 or so the banner said 1935 i am almost sure.

1973 Photo of the Garage in Tyner.


Cindy Patrickswango Still there.

Tim Kazanecki Just got a new metal roof about 2 months ago there are 2 overhead doors now those in photo were wood and a bifold type

Duncan Mitchel I really like the clarity and color of these photos; they could have been taken yesterday.

Noral Baughman Kodak Kodachrome color transparencies.....seem to last forever!

Richard Gross I remember that gas station to I use to go thare to when I lived in walkerton to as a kid to