My great grandparents, Chase and Isoline Keller with two of their sons. I'm guessing this photo was taken about 1910 plus/minus. I'm posting this because there was some recent discussion about the house across the street from Ray Jacobson's which was where my grandparents lived. We lived two houses away and I would ride my imaginary pony to visit my grandmother. She died in 1947.


Kateleen KennedyAre those pocket watches (dangling from their clothing)? Wow!

Cindy Burch Yes that is our house Ron and I bought it from Delbert and Grace Stutzman estate his aunt and uncle after they passed away..

Shellie Burns Jankowski Cindy Burch , that’s a very cool picture of your house!

Shellie Burns Jankowski Cindy Burch, you should post a current picture!

Cindy Burch Shellie Burns Jankowski you could see 2 front doors we were told it was used a boarding house.

Shellie Burns Jankowski Cindy Burch , I didn’t even notice the 2 doors! Great memories!

Cindy Burch Keller
Cindy Burch House before we took out door and put a slider. Not a good picture but

Noral Baughman Cindy Burch That house has obviously undergone some changes over time! :-)

Cindy Burch Yes it has the list is long. Lol

Alan Burkholder Opal Pence lived there when she was the pastor at Blissville.

Noral Baughman Alan Burkholder I may have my times screwed up, but I think Willard? McKesson lived there after my grandmother died and then there the Dunfee's.

Alan Burkholder Noral Baughman Do you know the years the Dunfee's lived there?

Cynthia Cole Merton This would be my Aunt Grace and Uncle Delbert's home. Many happy years spent there.

Dawn Matthews What an amazing photo and I love your childhood memory!

Cindy Burch This after sliding door last October was installed.

Jenny Fry I like the 2 front doors! And i wonder what is in that barrel? Rainwater? And the 2 chimneys... And that mini plank road to the front door!

Ruby Heard Stratton Jenny Fry I remember my grandmothers house had two front doors and a parlor when people build their homes they kept in their minds that when their loved ones passed away that they would keep them at home because they did not have funeral homes. So they use one door for the people to enter in and out and the other door to take the body in and out. They kept the body in the parlor. I have pictures of my great grandmothers funeral they had the coffin sitting on cane back chairs at the burial site.Wow what a hundred years difference.

Jackie Wheeler Love this! 💕

Teri Showalter Such a wonderful picture.