Do you remember 35 years ago?
We sat at the Banquet, all in a row,
How old the 35 year grads looked to me.
Now we are those as you can see.
Those 35 years plus seventeen,
Toll of all the years that we have seen.
52 years of age coming 53,
The body now aches but the mind runs free.
35 years out of Tyner High.
I told Carol - OH NOT I!
But 1948 plus 35 years out of school,
does add up to 1983 - see I'm no fool,
We're not boasting and we're not bragging,
Since some eyes are weak and some tummies sagging.
There's maybe an arch support in each shoe,
Or new false choppers for to chew.
FUNNY - When I dream of my classmates,
they haven't aged at all.
And in these dreams we're having a ball.
The places we went - the fun we had
And really not a one of us turned out bad
The teachers, the games, the high school plays
Oh yes! my friends those were the days
Remember the balconey and that stairway behind
Also the stairs we weren't allowed to climb.
We went to Indy, saw how the laws were made,
Saw "Song of the South" and the Penny Arcade
And then dear friends as you recall
We went to Canada and Niagara Falls
Thru the years we have scattered
like leaves from a tree,
But leaves do come back and so do we
to greet old friends we seldom see
I close by saying you all look great,
dear friends and classmates of 1948.