Early photo of the Tyner post office and "Fraternity Hall". Later became the IOOF Lodge (or perhaps that was the original name). I don't see any overhead wires in the photo, but there seems to be a couple of insulators on the front left corner of the building. Perhaps for telegraph? There also appears to be a church steeple in the left background.


Kirk A. Gaw This picture is a great find! I wonder if anyone else has a picture of that church steeple? What happened to it?

Stacy Noland Looks like flag holders, not insulators.

Noral Baughman If you are able to zoom in on the photo, you can see that they are insulators with wires coming from above-left. There must have been a pole just out of view.

Stacy Noland I think you’re right! I didn’t see the wires!

Noral Baughman Stacy Noland Another clue besides the visual: No flag flying and it would have been a bugger to hang and retrieve a flag. :-)

Stacy Noland Noral Baughman 😂 great point. I’m an idiot

Noral Baughman Stacy Noland Well....umm.....join the club! :-)

Jenny Fry Well... What i know is that Walkerton had a telephone company during this time, as did lapaz, as did TEAGARDEN... And as did Tyner City... All independent. I suspect you might be seeing phone lines

Michelle Masterson-Lamb Where would this of been in Tyner?

Donna Ross Michelle Masterson-Lamb Jerry says it was right across from the store. South

Michelle Masterson-Lamb Donna Ross oh ok! Thanks

Aaron Dudeck Donna Ross so there was a church where zelmas beauty shop was

Melanie Mullet Shepherd So at that intersection, one would have turned left to go to the cemetery?

Alan Burkholder Melanie Mullet Shepherd Actually, facing that direction, you would have to turn 180º and go the opposite direction.

Dawn Matthews That is an awesome photo!

Kathy Hagenbush Kern Didn’t this become a hardware store at one time?

Noral Baughman Not that I'm aware of. You may be thinking of the building on the other side of the tracks. It was a hardware and lumber company for many years. Nate Baker owned it when I was very young and then Forrest LaMunion bought it.

Alan Burkholder Kathy, yes it was, when Dick Day had the store.

Rob Haney Yes Kathy.

Kevin O'Neal Anybody know why the word “HALL” is in quotations? I know people today use quotes incorrectly a lot. I just wonder why they were used here?

Noral Baughman at's just my way of pointing out that it is something to note. Probably incorrect usage but it was later the IOOF Lodge. I don't know if "Hall" was the same thing.

Kevin O'Neal Noral Baughman I didn't mean your post.. I meant the actual photo... the building was labeled that way.

Noral Baughman Kevin O'Neal Opps. I guess I never even noticed it; and I have no idea of any meaning. :-)

Kevin O'Nealpickle

John Drews Looks like sw corner across from grocery store.

Lisa Kimble Very cool

Arlen Holderread Yes it was across the store from Ray Halsey which dick day use Stone before him also it was a hardware Dick's days son had a hardware in there after that it was used as a rental house Nan coley editor bought it and had it tore down Keith Drake took it down with his bulldozer a poem to a couple holes in it put a huge Cable in it and cut it into it also had a dancing swinging floor in it the steeple do you see might be some Saxons house is still there I'm not sure if that's what you're seeing now it's just empty lot

Adrienne Preston What street,?

Rob Haney The main drag lol as you come off of Sycamore.

Carol Stull Foster I remember going upstairs with my parents who belonged to the IOOF and would attend their Christmas party.

Noral Baughman You are one up on me; I never saw the upper level. :-)

Karen Stevenson Bringing back memories from long ago, Thank you for sharing.

Barb Cole I heard a Burch taught school upstairs in the early 1900's. And they had dances there as well. It was still there in the late 1960's when we moved to Tyner.

Barb Cole Michelle there was a church somewhere in Tyner that supplied beams for my brother-in-laws father's barn which was built about 1915. I wonder if that is the church. I do not know what happened to that church other than the fact that the beams were used in the farm of Chester and Blanch Burch where Lloyd and Madeline Burch lived. I love the sidewalks showing in this picture. Wish we still had them all over town.

Jim Lowry I’m glad my Tyner friends are seeing these pictures.

Teri Showalter Oh wow. Nice photo.

Barb Cole When I moved to Tyner that building and the little house next to it were still there. The building with the Post office sign over it was a hardware that was open sometimes and sometimes not, but it beat going to Walkerton or Plymouth if you could get it there! Also many years ago Nate Baker ran a hardware on French Street on the east side of the RR tracks. Never knew Nate Baker but did know two of his daughters-Thelma Haag and Pauline Burch. My sister-in-law and Pauline Burch played together as girls and later grew up to each marry a Burch. That was Madeline Cole Burch and Pauline Baker Burch. And the Haag name lives long in our area along with the Stull name and the Burch name. Be careful who you talk about and what you say. Someone could take umbrage if you say something bad. Love small towns.

Noral Baughman No matter who you are talking about or with, it's probably a relative! :-)