Left to right: My dad, my mom, my grandfather (Jesse Keller) in the center. The couple on the right are maude and Firm Myers. Firm and Maude are the earliest proprietors of the grocery store (the old bank building) that I remember. The next owners were Pat and Hazel Walsh who owned it at least while I was in high school. I worked there starting, as I recall, when I was thirteen and all through high school. I remember they would go on vacation for a couple weeks and hand me the key and a sack of money and out the door they would go. Not sure of the date but my GF died in Jan. of 1963.


Kirk A. Gaw Historic photo! Look at those styles!

Noral Baughman We were upscale! Notice the second bathroom in the background? :-)

Evelyn Wilmeth πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Monica Arce Yep she's got her apron on.

Eileen Klinedinst Did Jesse Keller have a brother Waldo?

Noral Baughman Should have written: Yes and I think he married (Minnie?) Stoneburner. As I recall she was a teacher at Tyner. I think I have a photo of her and her class somewhere.

Marjorie Ecker Eileen Klinedinst no but I will think of it... My Grandfather’s sisters. Minnie lived in South Bend .. I will think of her name eventually.. LOL

Marjorie Ecker Noral Baughman Her name was as we called Aunt Mert so guessing her name was Mertle. I thing they lived across the little street from Lamunions. The side street Burkholders and smiths lived on.

Noral Baughman Marjorie Ecker I'll have to try and find the photo and see if it actually has names on it.

Marjorie Ecker Noral Baughman I confused myself.... LOL... I may have the husbands wrong.. I do know they were Minnie and Mert but not sure who they were married to . One lived in Tyner and one lived in South Bend

Noral Baughman Marjorie Ecker Confused? That's kinda my natural state anymore. :-)

Eileen Klinedinst okay! My Aunt Minnie (Stoneburner) Keller was married to Waldo Keller. Mert was married to Lewis Sibert and they lived in Tyner.

Noral BaughmanEileen Klinedinst I just looked up the marriage record. Waldo Keller and Minnie Stoneburner were married in Marshall County on 19 Dec 1915. Minnie was born in Kosciusko (county), her fathers name was Elijah Stoneburner and her mother's name was Mary Shadow.

Noral Baughman Eileen Klinedinst I don't remember your Aunt Mert but I remember Louis Sibert. They lived on the corner across from the old lumber company. I have an old (1865?) Indian Head penny that Louis Sibert gave me while I working at the grocery store.

Eileen Klinedinst Yes! My dad was Homer and a brother to Minnie. We shared the same aunt! Marjorie Ecker is my 2nd cousin. Her grandfather was my uncle. Confused yet?

Eileen Klinedinst Thinking it over, Minnie was your great aunt and my aunt.

Noral Baughman Eileen Klinedinst Yes! Wasn't there a song "I'm my own grandpa"?

Arlen Holderread I was talking to Dad he said the bank closed during the depression he's 94

Noral Baughman That was my understanding too.

Alan Burkholder It was in operation from 1920 until 1930 and not a single depositor lost a dollar.

Dave Hamann The old bank building was Days Grocery store when we moved to Tyner

Arlen Holderread And your dad my dad were scoutmasters the boy scouts

Teri Showalter Wonderful photo.