Tyner street scene from a color transparency processed Nov. 1973.


Barb Cole That is a picture I love to see.

Kirk A. Gaw Quaint small town charm.

Kathy Hagenbush Kern Beautiful picture

Jack Stoner Memories memories memories

Billy Myers My sisters grandma lived in the white house on the corner. Caddy corner the grocery store.

Max Warren Billy Myers Mrs. Joslyn?

Billy Myers Max Warren yes. My mom was married to her son Jerry for 10 years.

Max Warren Billy Myers I grew up with Johnny.

Billy Myers Max Warren my mom is carylon. I used to run around there when I was a kid.

Max Warren I also knew Lisa and Benny pretty well. It was sad that Benny passed away so young

Billy Myers Max Warren I wasn't around them after I was 10. I'm 38 now.

Max Warren Billy Myers I hope you had a chance to know Mrs. Joslyn she was a wonderful lady

Billy Myers Max Warren I did from the time I was 1 until I was 10. I'll message you tomorrow. I'm ready to hit the bed

Max Warren Billy Myers Good night buddy

Noral Baughman TWhat would be the time frame. When I was living in Tyner and for some time after, the Braner family lived there. Wanda Braner was postmaster (after my grandfather) and she had the postoffice in the far-left corner of the house (as viewed from this photo).

Billy Myers I was born in 1981 and her and Clyde were there then.

Noral Baughman Billy Myers That was long after my time in Tyner. :-)

Alan Burkholder Noral Baughman Braners owned until they bought Doc Thompson's place and moved the post office there. They sold it to Joselyns.

Donna Adkins Erdelyi Very beautiful!

Shira Sheaks LOVE!