Now I would like to take you down memory lane, as I remember Tyner.

I remember going with my folks to John Telecamp's Store. I remember the barrels of sugar, flour, crackers and pickles and the huge pot-bellied stove where the men all congregate, trying to solve the world's problems and spitting tobacco juice in a big homemade spittoon..

I am told some high school plays were held in the hall above the store. They even had dances in the hall also.

How many remember the Medicine Shows? Everybody would come into town and they would put on a good show and then would sell bottles of medicine for $1.00 which was supposed to cure everything.

The Tyner U. B. Church is where I gave my heart to the Lord in a revival meeting held by Rev. O'Riley. I was 13 and several of us were baptized out in Koontz Lake.

I first attended school in the 6th grade over the Post Office with Olgo Kebert, teacher. Then we moved to the Chicken Coop for our 7th and 8th grades with Vera Klinedinst, teacher. Then in 1928, our freshman year, we got to go into the new addition, and then I graduated in 1932.

I can remember when the Ladies Aid from the Tyner U. B. Church cooked the dinners for the Alumni. Then we didn't have an Alumni Banquet for a time and then Dutch Howard, Lewis Telecamp and Homer Stoneburner decided to try it again and have a pot luck. What a supper, but what a time finding their dishes. So they decided to have some one cook the dinner again and it has worked out fine ever since.

I still remember going down to Firn Myers Store at the noon hour while in high school and buying an orange drink for 5 cents and a hot dog for 5 cents. If you bought a hamburger it was 10 cents. what a difference today.

Now I can't give the history of Tyner without mentioning three great people that brought a lot of happiness into my life. They are Rev. E. Tillman, who was pastor of the U. B. Church back in 1934 and he married me and my husband Claude on Saturday evening June 16th, 1934.

I am sure you all remember Dr. Thompson. How many of you had him for your family doctor? You certainly don't find doctors today to come calling day or night like he would. He delivered over 4,000 babies. He delivered my son Dennis at home, along with his nurse, Georgia Johnson, for $25.00. Later built another home close by with office. My new little great-granddaughter cost $3,000. What a difference today.

When the flu was so bad back in 1918, he never went to bed for three weeks. He bought a car in 1911, but he stored it in the winter and made house calls in his buggy or sleigh. I am told they couldn't find him, looked everywhere and found him out in the outhouse sound asleep.

Yes, most of us will never forget the Thompsons, for all the wonderful work they did for the church and the community.

Another great person I will always remember was Bertha Haag. She was my art teacher in school. She was a poet, wrote lots of poems, painted beautiful pictures, gave chalk talks, many times helped make the decorations for the tables for the alumni, had a book of poems published, and at the banquets she would write on the tablecloth all during the program and then when they called on her, she would read the most interesting poem you ever heard.