Someone mentioned Tyner's pig roast.This is dated 1965. Was this an annual event? I can identify about half. Bob Reese kneeling on right. Directly behind him is my dad; third person to my dad's right is Willard Burkholder; to Willard's immediate right is Ray Jacobson. Is that Louie Telkamp next to Ray??


Barb Cole I mentioned the hog roast and it was a yearly event for many years.

Steve Kennedy Why did it stop?

Rick Weddiing Mr. Reese kneeling down.

Chuck Burkholder My grandfather made the internet

Myra Ross Farmer Chuck Burkholder Your grandpa was my Uncle Willard.

Eddie Adkins Steve lowry+ Steve Ludwig on the left,

Jean Pletcher Eddie Adkins I think the far left man looks like Leon Verhaeghe?

Barbara Hochstetler Jean Pletcher I thought so too.

Lorraine David Thats not Steve Lowry. It's Leon V.

Kirk A. Gaw Great historic event!

Eileen Klinedinst 2nd L. Leon V. , 4th L. Buddy Miller, Ray Jacobson, Willard Burkholder.

Noral Baughman "Buddy"? Was that Welcome?

Eileen Klinedinst Yes.

Jason E. Dipert Leon, as the teacher at Glenn that past away about 11-13 years ago? He is short enough to be him.

Eileen Klinedinst Jason, yes that is the teacher.

Dave Hamann Dick day is in there i remember that time

Dave Hamann I thjnk my dad welded that up for them

Marjorie Ecker I see welcome Miller on the left of Ray Jacobson

Patty Reese Grace That’s Henry Bolhoffer by Willard. The Guy with the bucket is Long Hurford? Is that guy by welcome Miller Keith Drake?

Patty Reese Grace Lowell Hurford.

Barb Cole Okay now who is the next to Henry Bullhoeffer on the right? And who is the kid next to Lowell Hurford? Interesting picture.

Patty Reese Grace Barb Cole dick day. He owned the grocery. The “kid” is An adult. Leon Verhagae. He taught ag at the High school. He lived out by Blissville church.

Barb Cole Forgot all about it could be Dick Day. And I would never have guessed Mr. Verhagae. So now all names are known!

Dirk Adams and not a adult berverage in sight!

Barb Cole I don't remember adult beverages being part of the day.

Steve Forsythe The Tyner merchants bought 4H hog that year the roasted it up at the church next to Barb Cole house the used to have 4H hog roast every year

Steve Forsythe That was my 4H hog that year

Barb Cole Wow!

Janet Smith I believe it is Buddy Miller