Senior Play, Off The Track - November 20th and 21st
Left to Right Devon Grenert, Noral Baughman, Betty Pontius,
Sharon Holderread, Kay Lemert, Lois Berkshire, Bill Killian,
Carolyn Fouts, Mary Ann Norris, Roger Miller, Joyce Ecker,
Harold Kaiser, Karen Kring, and Sallie Roush

This is a play with a different twist. It is laid in the waiting room of a small wayside railroad station on a dark and stormy night.
What a strange conglomerate mixture of people is thrown together when a fast train is derailed and the passengers come inside to wait for a relief train. Among the passengers three peppy collage girls on their way back to school, a young man who is a student at a law school, a middle-aged, good-natured Italian woman and her three children, the wealthy and haughty Mrs. Reginald Vanderventer, who looks down her nose at the rest of the travelers. There is a nosey old maid, Miss Pidgie McDougal, who spends most of her time minding other people's business -- or trying to. Her curiosity is wetted by a mysterious old suitcase carried by a deaf man who never lets the suitcase out of his hands. There is an engaged couple, the girl being the dominating type and the young man henpecked, already. The station is kept by a surly station agent, Mr. Morgan, and the handy man, Silas.
The crowd is thrown into pandemonium when Mrs. Vanderventer discovers that her $10,000 string of pearls is missing. Someone in the waiting room has them, but who??? Miss Pidgie, with her natural proclivity for sleuthing looks for them and finds them in the most unexpected place. In spite of the evidence against the guilty person, Bill Lindsay, the prospective lawyer, is convinced that the person is innocent. He holds a preliminary trial and very cleverly clears the person. Miss Pidgie puts over a smart trick and finds out what is in the mysterious suitcase -- much to her regret.
Just as they resign themselves to spending the night there, Silas announces that the relief train is coming.

Act I: About 10 o'clock
Act II: Several hours later
Act III: A few minutes later

Bill Killian - Mr. John Morgan
Noral Baughman - Silas Dobbins
Kay Lemert - Flickie Nelson
Sharon Holderread - Betty Philips
Betty Pontius - Joan Parker
Lois Berkshire - Mrs. Guarino
Sallie Roush - Antonis Guarino
Karen Kring - Maria Guarino
Roger Miller - Bill Lindsay
Devon Grenert - Mr. Oscar Pozenby
Harold Kaiser - Willie Woodson
Mary Ann Norris - Evalina Bumpass
Joyce Ecker - Mrs. Reginald Vanderventer
Carolyn Fouts - Miss Pidgie McDougal

Prompters - Joyce Franklin &
Carol Jean Miller
Sound Effects - Shirley Johnson
Stage - Noral Baughman,
Bill Killian &
Roger Miller
Program Covers - Bill Ross
Ushers - Carol Rough,
Jack Keller &
Wendell Lowry