Tyner High School under construction. This was a Post Card and the correspondence and date on the reverse side was July-August 1919, so this photo would have been before that date.


Alan Burkholder 1912.

Noral Baughman Thanks.

Melanie Mullet Shepherd WOW! Thanks, Alan!

Teri Showalter Was this building being used as a nursing home in the 1960’s and 1970’s? I remember applying for a job at Hathaway’s nursing home and the building was very similar.

Terri Lawton Teri Showalter that was the old school building in Teegarden. I worked there for several years.

Teri Showalter Terri Lawton yes but after it was a school was it turned into a nursing homes.

Terri Lawton Teri Showalter yes it was Hathaway's Nursing home that I worked at for several years.

Teri Showalter Terri Lawton that’s what I thought. When I was a teenager I applied for a job there. I ended up working somewhere else. I loved the old building.

Alan Burkholder Teri Showalter, no it wasn't used as a nursing home.

Evelyn Wilmeth What was population of Tyner in its hay day ?

Noral Baughman Good question...and I don't know. Sometime, I think during the fifties, one of the classes or perhaps one of the organizations like the FFA erected population signs on the outskirts of Tyner. As I recall, the population was claimed to 206. I would assume that number might have come from the 1950 census. But having said that, I wonder how the boundaries would have been established?

Evelyn Wilmeth Noral Baughman I was thinking about how big the school was, but I forgot about the farmer’s kids. Thanks.

Alan Burkholder Noral Baughman 1876..


Eddie Adkins Looked bigger to me?

Bob Frame I believe they added later

Steve Forsythe They added. On twice once to the south of the main building an the later to the east of the cafeteria which was originally the gym acouple of class rooms and the big gym

Alan Burkholder Three additions, the first addition, in 1925 the large assembly, two restrooms, four classrooms and the old gymnasium were added. The junior assembly, the agriculture shop, home economics rooms, two regular classrooms, a science room, teacher's rest rooms and office facilities were in the 1939 addition. The year 1955 brought the addition of the new gymnasium, music room, fifth grade classroom and two rest rooms.

Noral Baughman Alan Burkholder Thanks!

Barbara Hochstetler Alan Burkholder Are you Arden's brother? He still in TX? I graduated with him, JG '75

Alan Burkholder Barbara Hochstetler Yes, guilty as charged! No, Arden moved back home, he now lives in Plymouth.

Barbara Hochstetler Alan Burkholder oh really/ We have our 45th class reunion coming up this summer!

Donna Jimerson Gouker Steve Forsythe do you have a brother named David?

Steve Forsythe Yes I do

Jenny Fry Noral Baughman, I had a gentleman reach out to me on the Walkerton Area Historical Society site, and he was asking about this school. His question was did anyone know where the basketball team practices before they built the Tyner school gymnasium? Do you know?

Kirk A. Gaw Noral Baughman

Alan Burkholder Jenny Fry I'm not Noral, but they may not of had a basketball team before 1925.

Noral Baughman Alan may be correct and they just didn't have a basketball team early on. I don't have any information on it.

A little better photo of Tyner School. This one appears to be a little earlier. Is that the "Chicken Coop" on the left?


Teresa Oprisko Wow, looks so big.

Cindy Nichols It does look huge. I went there but it wasn't a high school😊

Alan Burkholder In 1900 four students received diplomas for advanced study and in 1901 there were three. At this time high school was just three years of study. In 1902 the first high school commencement was staged for 13 graduates. In 1912 Tyner (when the new school was built) advanced to a four-year program.

DonnaSkip Erickson No gym on the back side so that would have been a early picture

Maxine Mullet Nesbitt the gym became the cafeteria after the addition - 2nd one. The first addition added what became 3 rd and 4th grade rooms, home ec, and shop. Upstairs was biology and 6 th grade. I went to Tyner from 1957-1966. Grades 1 through 9.

Alan Burkholder Maxine Mullet Nesbitt That was the first addition, in 1925 the large assembly, two restrooms, four classrooms and the old gymnasium were added. The junior assembly, the agriculture shop, home economics rooms, two regular classrooms, a science room, teacher's rest rooms and office facilities were in the 1939 addition. The year 1955 brought the addition of the new gymnasium, music room, fifth grade classroom and two rest rooms.

Maxine Mullet Nesbitt I taught with Steve Norris (Richland Center, Rochester, and then Butler basketball player).He always said Tyner had one of the best gyms around. Graduated in 1966 from Rochester. RIP my friend.

Jackie Bailey The back looks like a ad on

Cindy Sheaks NJackie Bailey probably, I went to OD school & we had our basketball games in the Tyner gym because we didn’t have one. Ours was condemned.

Jack Stoner Jackie Bailey the back was added on as it was the gym

Jackie Bailey Jack Stoner Looks like 40s or 50s The front half looks much older

Alan Burkholder That was the first addition, in 1925 the large assembly, two restrooms, four classrooms and the old gymnasium were added. The junior assembly, the agriculture shop, home economics rooms, two regular classrooms, a science room, teacher's rest rooms and office facilities were in the 1939 addition. The year 1955 brought the addition of the new gymnasium, music room, fifth grade classroom and two rest rooms.

Jackie Bailey Alan Burkholder I was thinking the 20th or teens

Ann Lynn LeHue Alan Burkholder Do you have any info. on the school that was there before they built the brick one in the 20’s?

Rob Haney Alan Burkholder There as a stone on the front steps that said 1912

Alan Burkholder Ann Lynn LeHue The school we attended was built in 1912, with the additions in 1925, 1939, and 1955. The first Tyner School was built on Main St across from where Claude York lived. It was a 3 room 'L' shaped building. (http://www.tyner.org/html/ oldtyner/firstschool.html) Helen Baughman (Noral's Mother told me this, and I had tried to get her to sit down with a tape recorder and record the info she had on the area, but didn't get it done.)

Ann Lynn LeHue Alan Burkholder Wow! My dad told a story about an old wooden school that some farmer moved to his farm to be used for out buildings. Too late to get anymore info. about it now. 😕 He even knew who the farmer was. Thanks, Alan. 😊

Roger Stoner My grandpa went this high school

Jackie Bailey Roger Stoner How old is your grandpa or would be

Roger Stoner he 76 now

Mike N Kim Ator Roger Stoner my grandmother did also. It's so cool for me to see a picture of it. I believe she graduated in 1937 or 38.

Roger Stoner Mike N Kim Ator my grandpa graduated 1963

William Noble I went there in the late 60s early 70s

Cameron Noremac Where was the school located? Which road if anyone has that information?

Barb Cole The school was next to where the Polk Township Fire Department is on French Street. It was where the parking area park areas are now. There is a sign there now. The old building part of the fire department was a bus garage or something like that. The old school had an addition put on later in its life to the left of the picture of the school as you are looking at it. It was classrooms as the school had outgrown the building. Due to consolidation Tyner lost its school in the 1970's for good.

Alan Burkholder Barb Cole That addition was to the right of the original school. The junior assembly, the agriculture shop, home economics rooms, two regular classrooms, a science room, teacher's rest rooms and office facilities were in the 1939 addition.

John Kissinger I went there too. Remember the teem room. It was the only room with carpet.

Connie Knowlton Benson John Kissinger I was in the team room too! Remember when it was flooded?

Sharon Halsey My dad graduated from Tyner in 38 or 39 his picture is on wall at Fire Station..Harold Knowlton

Alan Burkholder 1937, same year as my Mother.

Mike N Kim Ator My grandmother was 37 or 38.

Paula Skorup I think it’s a good picture ty for sharing

Bryan Shy Juliet Watterson-Schubert damn we woulda went to school here if we were old

Laurie Nelson A piece/brick of the Tyner School is at my home! 😂😂🤣


Joyce Morris Kaser Laurie Nelson I have a brick also and my Mom crocheted a red/white cover for it!💕

Marilyn Seiders-Brantley Couple of my kids went there also.

Phil Whitmer We're using the Tyner bleachers for shelving at Joshua Tree in Lakeville. Some have graffiti carvings and an occasional wad of gum on them.

Rick Weddiing I went to school there

William Noble I remember the Skeleton in the biology room on the third floor behind some shelves and the fire slide that we were not allowed on but somehow found our way down it. I believe Dirk Adams, Steve & Greg Shortt, Larry Harold, David Maher, Nancy Peterson, Joe Cotton, Don Eckert and Ben Samuelson were all there with me. Cécile Stoffer was my Bus Driver and had to adjust my attitude more then one time for hanging out the window...

Dirk Adams William Noble you knew Larry was longer with us didnt you?

William Noble I did not 🙁

Ken Rohrer William Noble there was a coffin that held a skeleton there my 5th grade year.

Laurie Nelson William Noble I can remember the adrenaline rush trying to sneak down the fire slide!! 😂😂🤣

Melanie Mullet Shepherd You kids were FEARLESS is all I can say! All of you are younger than me and when I went there, that fire slide was all rusty and nasty looking.

Becky Powers Wiand O-D used the gym for basketball games and graduations, we spent many nights there!

Linda Trent Ery A lucky few of us started school there

Bonnie Anderson Smith I remember being a cheerleader at OD and having to go there for our home games because our gym was too bad to play in!

Carol Stull Foster My grandpa, Fred Stull, graduated from Tyner and I have his graduation pin from 1912.

Evelyn Wilmeth That was a big school!

Janet Smith Noral. I wanted to tell you Thank you for the pictures of Tyner. We were always told of things in Tyner from my Dad And Granddad wolff’s were around for awhile too.

Adrienne Preston The house I grew up in is across the street

Dianna Stephenson Wow I don't remember it being that big. We went in the back doors the slum we were lol

Myra Ross Farmer It is so interesting reading all these comments. I went there for awhile coming from Teegarden elementary school. Great memories!

Cindy Nichols Wow. It just didn't seem that big when I went there

Steve Hostetler My maternal grandmother, Cecile Marie Johnson Moyer, graduated in a class of 5 in 1921! She was married to Josiah Culp Moyer the same day!

Noral Baughman I think your grandmother would be the daughter of my grandmother's sister who was a Kaufman. :-)

Steve Hostetler Noral Baughman yes...my great grandmother was a Kaufman! Her name was Amanda.

Steve Hostetler Noral Baughman so who would Rachael Baughman be to you? Used to hear my grandmother speak of her...I believe the brick house that was near the old Pine Creek Church of the Brethren was the Baughman place? We all went to Pine Creek.

Noral Baughman Steve Hostetler Rachel was my grandmother. She married Obadiah Baughman. I never knew her as she died the year before I was born. I'm assuming they lived in place about two farms west of the church which is where my Uncle Lawrence lived later on.

Steve Hostetler Noral Baughman wow, small world! Grandma called her Aunt Rachel?

Noral Baughman Steve Hostetler If I have this correct, your grandmother would have been my dad's first cousin. I actually think I met her once when I was quite young. Somewhere I think I have a photo of her when she was young. If you are interested in it, message me with your email and I'll let you know when I find it.

Steve Hostetler Noral Baughman that would be wonderful...my e-mail is: shostetler2013@gmail.com

Janice Myers Went there from age 6 to 18 Good times.

Patty Reese Grace Was there a chicken coop?

Noral Baughman There was according to what I have read. I was wondering if that is what is to the left in the photo.

Patty Reese Grace Noral Baughman it looks like one. I don’t remember that at all. DO you? Gene Reese?

Linda Drews Benjamin I don't remember there being one when we were there.

Noral Baughman Patty Reese Grace I think it was long gone by the time we got there.

Joyce Morris Kaser Patty Reese Grace I don’t remember it either!!!!

Rick Weddiing Joyce Morris Kaser I remember a building on the back side by the ball field was

Linda Drews Benjamin Some of my best memories were at Tyner.

Steve Kennedy Chicken Coop bar was at Koontz Lake

Bonnie Anderson Smith Steve Kennedy no they mean a real chicken coop with chickens

William Noble Yep I think later it was called Club 23...

Cindy Sheaks William Noble Club 23 is the old American Legion in Walkerton. Chicken -Coop building still sitting in K Lake.

Allen Vanes My aunt graduated from tyner right before they stopped using. 60 something.

Alan Burkholder 1966

Allen Vanes Alan Burkholder oh ok.

Pam Skiles O'Dell I went there for 4th & 5th grades after they consolidated with JG. 1969 &1970.

Ken Rohrer Pam Skiles O'Dell I went there for only 5th grade because the consolidation happened during my 4th grade year

Pam Skiles O'Dell Ken Rohrer so our class (77) was the first class to go there for both 4th & 5th.

Cindy Nichols Pam Skiles O'Dell , that's right. 4th & 5th.

Ken Rohrer Pam Skiles O'Dell yes it was

Jack Stoner Pam Skiles O'Dell my sister Tonzetta went there for fourth grade

Donna Jimerson Gouker Class of 75 never went there

Ann Lynn LeHue Does anyone remember a house that sat back behind the school before the new gym was added? I believe it was on the school property.

Noral Baughman The only other building that I remember on the school property was the 'bus barn.' That said, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning so.... .. :-)

Ann Lynn LeHue There was a house that was vacant that sat back behind the school but was on the north side of the bus barn. I remember it when I was in first grade but can’t remember how long it was there before it was torn down. Anyway, my folks lived in that house right after they were married for a short time and I guess that was my first home as a baby. I think mom told me they house-sat for a Killian family for a short time.

Alan Burkholder Ann Lynn LeHue I remember that house! My cousin and I got in trouble with our mothers because we rummaged through it. It had been used for the science room at one time. We wouldn't have gotten caught except Rodger took some flasks and vials home!

Ann Lynn LeHue Ann Lynn LeHue Alan Burkholder That’s funny! Lol!!

Melanie Mullet Shepherd Donna, the class of 75 from POLK Twp. went there.

Donna Jimerson Gouker Melanie Mullet Shepherd okay they may have but I didn't

Melanie Mullet Shepherd Guess you forgot about us "Tyner kids"!

Barbara Hochstetler oh no Melanie, we can't forget our Polk township classmates!!

Donna Jimerson Gouker Barbara Hochstetler what kids of 75 went to tyner.?

Barbara Hochstetler all the ones we got in 6th grade, at Urey!! The Polk Township kids. I knew Melanie from Presbyterian Church, Sunday School. The only time I was ay Tyner School was my cousin's Graduation1968! And once our class got to go see a play there.

Judy Zahrn-Hoover Barbara Hochstetler we used to go to the Fish Fries there in the gym

Donna Jimerson Gouker Donna Jimerson Gouker Barbara Hochstetler so you are saying the class of 75 did not go to Tyner, right?

Melanie Mullet Shepherd Donna, do you remember when we all started at Urey in 6th grade? SURELY there were a number of us who were NOT familiar to you upon first seeing us. Don Ecker, Steve Swihart, Lowell Warner, Melody Myers, Jeanine Klingerman, Arden Burkholder, Charlie Bates, Laurel Smith, Debra Haag, Debra Pletcher, etc. Probably about 20-25 of us who came from Tyner to mix with you Walkerton kids of the class of 75. We were the class of 75, too. :-) Just think about the kids you didn't go to school with in first, second and third grades. You Walkerton kids probably had MORE than one class for the class of 75 though, right? That would have made it difficult to know WHEN some of the Walkerton kids started at Walkerton. No wonder it is a little confusing. For us, we only had ONE set CLASS of kids from first grade through fifth grade.

Melanie Mullet Shepherd lol

Carl Creech went to Tyner from 3rd grade through my Junior year. Before I went to Walkerton Elm k-2sec.

Maryann Haysley It's where I broke my wrist. coming down the slide. And David Minter landed on me. .lol

Maryann Haysley Remember the maypole.

Pam Skiles O'Dell Maryann Haysley I do!

James Davis I never saw the school, I remember where the sign was when I was a kid tho...

Lisa Kimble I was there in fifth grade. I think that was it for the school.

Janet Smith I have no memory of a chicken coop

Noral Baughman I don't either but I have read about it. I think it might have been before the actual school was built.

Cindy Eastman Does anyone know why this school closed?

Alan Burkholder Consolidated with Walkerton...

Cindy Eastman Alan Burkholder K. Thanks

Steve Kennedy Cindy Eastman Is it still there? Be great for assisted living project.

Cindy Eastman Steve Kennedy No. It’s gone 😢

Steve Kennedy Cindy Eastman what a shame..

Kathy Neiswender Sokol I went there for 4 th and 5th grade too! And I remember the Maypole Maryann Haysley. Wasn't there and addition on the front of the bldg, we didn't go in a door like this, it was ground level or was that the back of the school? Part of bldg upstairs was condemned and we were not allowed in that area.

Alan Burkholder You probably entered from the side that faced the parking area, to the right of this picture. school

Bev Miller I loved this school some of the best years of my life I lived right across the street for 3 years was a time when you knew everyone in school in Tyner & the whole community I have lived 1 mile sw of there for over 40 years the memories are sweet was a different time a simpler & safer time ❤️

Noral Baughman What was your dad's name and when did you live across the street from the school?

Kathy Bill I went there Im a 76 kid

Tyner School Building 1973.


Rex Swift Where would have that stood? I don't ever see it🤔🤔.. must've been demolished.

Lee Redlin Rex Swift where basketball court is now

Noral Baughman Yeh, it was demolished many years ago. I don't know what is in Tyner now, so it's a bit hard to describe where it was. At the time, it was the last building on the left before you got to the fire station after leaving downtown Tyner.

Stacy Emerick i remember when they tore it down....

Billy Newman Why did they tear it down?

Shannon Preston I thought it would of been a nice building to put apartment in . sad it ended up getting tore down.

Susan Courtney Remember the big white front doors ...that's where the bus from Urey Middle School dropped us off ....

Kirk A. Gaw So sad that this hunk of history was demolished. I do not understand the rush to bulldoze. 😌 History lost.

Phil Whitmer The benches from the gym are used as shelving in our store in Lakeville.

Kirk A. Gaw Phil Whitmer good idea!

Sharon Fenstermacher When buildings are preserved, somebody needs to come up with the money to do so and a purpose for the building. There were still classes held there when the upstairs was condemned and cordoned off. Can’t save every old building. For everything there is season.

Kateleen Kennedy Sharon Fenstermacher Read much?

Sharon Fenstermacher Kateleen Kennedy of course I love reading. I love old buildings. I love seeing the pictures from the past. Not sure why you asked about if I read much. Sounds snarky to me, but I don’t know you, so not sure what you want with your question. I think if you or someone you find comes up with the money to restore old buildings, that is fine. Go for it!😊 I just wonder when people comment they can’t believe a building was taken down, how they think it would have been saved. Can’t just leave a building like that falling apart and becoming an eyesore and safety hazard. I am just guessing nobody stepped forward with the funds to keep it and the land cared for. So many things for money to be spent on. Takes leadership, will and desire. Must not have been there at the time. That’s all. I’m a nice person. 😊. And I like contributing to my community as did my parents. Go Walkerton and Tyner communities. Ginny Williams Sharon Fenstermacher it was privately owned because I believe there were apartments in part of the building. but the amount of money needed to get it to code made it unfeasible to renovate. FYI

Sharon Fenstermacher Ginny Williams That is what I guessed. And I’m sure you will vouch for me being a nice person😆. Okay. Don’t answer😆.

Sharon Fenstermacher I am surprised somebody bought it and didn’t know it was not feasible, but I really know nothing about the attempt.

Janet Bergner Memories.

Kateleen Kennedy This photo is beyond amazing. I cannot believe that school was bulldozed down. The architecture- the doors, brickwork & windows. Unbelievable 😢 Mark Spitzke you see this???

Mark Spitzke Reminds me of the old North Liberty High School which I think was built 1911.

Kateleen Kennedy Mark Spitzke Did they bulldoze it down?

Mark Spitzke Kateleen Kennedy they did. Right before we joined with John Glenn School System. The school was in disrepair and I’m pretty sure the cost to maintain or repair was more than the value of the building to them.

Ken Rohrer Mark Spitzke the old part of North Liberty High School was still standing my first year of teaching there (1981-82). That was after they joined up with Glenn but the building had already been condemned.

Mark Spitzke Thanks 😊

Kirk A. Gaw Kateleen Kennedy it is heartbreaking when people rush to demolish historic property. It should have been saved. It is a part of the lives of thousands who attended and taught there.

Kateleen Kennedy Kirk A. Gaw Sad! 😢

Kateleen Kennedy Kirk A. Gaw I love the windows, doors & the brickwork is beautiful.

Kirk A. Gaw Kateleen Kennedy it had a Dutch style to its ornamentation.

Kateleen Kennedy Noral Baughman Do you have any other photos? I’ve always heard of Tyner having a school, but never saw it. Do you know what year it was demolished or who demolished it??

Noral Baughman I don't know what year it was demolished and I do have other photos; some of which I have posted here. I'm trying to get them all together and placed in one spot but time and........:-)

Karen Stevenson I believe it was demolished in 1989, we were building a new home that year and I stopped in and asked the guy tearing it down if I could buy one of the light fixtures.

Jason E. Dipert Karen, so do you remember if you got it or not, kind of cool if you could have.

Karen Stevenson Jason E. Dipert yes, he sold me one of those huge old hanging lights and threw in an extra globe. $15

Jason E. Dipert Karen, how awesome!

Cindy Turner Oh my! Good old schools days👍❤️

Mary Chapman Fettinger That’s where we went for 8th grade. Parts of the school was condemned!

Julie Zlatos OH MY

Kathy Collins I went there! we lived on the other end of town for years and played on the playground on the weekends...I still remember some friends..Cindy Scott,Debbie Pletcher....Oh the great old days...

Kateleen Kennedy & the cars! Sooo cool.

Kirk A. Gaw Kateleen Kennedy that old Ford Torino station wagon.