Things change! Last time I was in Tyner, this street didn't look nearly as nice as this. Lots of the old Maple trees were gone. Our house was straight ahead. Reese's on the left; distant right was Palmer Thompson's house and on the right is Ray Jacobson's garage.

Tyner Elevator

Kirk A. Gaw Lovely street scene.

Marjorie Ecker Tyner does not look nice anymore.

Cathy Williams Yes all of our trees are gone. I live in the Shank's barbershop house.

Ann Lynn LeHue It used to be a pretty little village. Have wonderful memories of well kept homes and small business. So sad so many residents don't seem to take pride in their homes anymore.😕 My grandmother used to say "you don't need to live in a mansion but if you care enough to mow your lawn, get rid of the junk and pull a few weeds you can be proud of your efforts and make those around you proud of where they live." I could probably count those who care and make an effort there on one hand.😕

Gail Kaser How true you our Tegarden is

Cynthia Cole Merton So sad all the trees are gone.

Kathy Hagenbush Kern I sure do miss that street and the people who lived there. Lots of great memories.

Cathy Williams Kathy Hagenbush Kern me too