Editors                                          Carol Stoneburner
                                                                 Goldie Johnson

     Sports                                                         Tom Keller

     Art                                                       Charles Jansen
                                                                        Mary Rough

     Humor                                                   Joy LaMunion
                                                                   Charlene Dutre

     Distribution Managers                       Waneta Haag
                                                                     Ester Pontius

     Lineograph Operators                              Ned Haag
                                                                           Arthur Birk
                                                                           Betty Geist
                                                                     Richard Balke

     Typists                                Advanced Typing Class

     Faculty Sponsor                              Mary E. Hission

     Reporters           Senior                   Marlene Bottorff
                                  Junior              Marilyn Thompson
                         Sophomore                           Joe Bottorff
                            Freshman                         Patty Killian
                      Eighth Grade                     Ann Jacobson
                   Seventh Grade                 Woody Cochran
                             Sunshine             Shirley Baughman
                                      Hi-Y                   Guilford Snyder
             Band and Chorus                Shirley LaMunion

P.  T.  A.

The next P.T.A. meeting will be on Monday, February 19th, 1951. The men will be in charge of the meeting. The ladies are also invited to come. All who wish to come are welcome at these meetings. Even though you may not be a member come and see what we do and have to offer in the way of programs and join later if you care to.
                                                                  --Lillian Keller


The Band Patrons Club met Monday night, January 1st, at the schoolhouse. Plans were made for the state contest to be held in March.

Five new uniforms are now in use.
                                                                  Chester Morris


A number of films have been shown this ;last six weeks which were very interesting. The English and History classes saw Henry Wadsworth longfellow, Washington Irving, and Thomas Jefferson. a defense film about what to do in case of an atomic bomb attack was shown at the P.T.A. and to the high school.
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     The births of these great Presidents was a blessing to us all.

     When we were getting settled they lent a helping hand.

     Through all the wars and hardships, they traveled at our side.

     And by these two great Presidents we always will abide.

     Let us pay tribute to these men on their birthdays.

     For they helped lead us along that long and hard old way.

     Washington will be remembered by the good old cherry tree.

     And also he will be remembered by just plain you and me.

     Lincoln will be remembered for all his gallant deeds.

     And he was just as plain as the Johns and Browns and Reeds.

     So we should be thankful on this happy day.

     That we had these two great men to lead us on our way.

                                                                    --Charlene Dutre